Drift Snowkite Magazine

13 Nov 2008

Drift Snowkite MagazineThe first North American Snowkite Magazine, appropriately dubbed Drift, is out! Drift's first issue crams 50 pages full of snowkiter brain-candy; such as a 2009 Gear Guide, US Location Guide, and an interview with snowkite mastermind Rob Whittall. Original snowkite athlete James Brown and publisher guru Dave Grossman are the brains behind the effort. The release of Drift Snowkite Magazine marks a milestone in the progress of the sport. If you want to be up to date and knowledgable on everything snowkiting, download this free e-magazine. The download is simple; just create an account at driftsnowkitemag.com, check your email, then follow the link to the 20 MB PDF download...It’ll take a few minutes, but its way more than worth the wait.