Sigve Pro Model Mushow Kitesnowboard

13 Nov 2008

Sigve Pro Snowkite Board, KitesnowboardCheck out the Sigve Pro Model Kitesnowboard that Mushow, the notorious Czechoslovakian snowkite community/kite importer/gear manufacturer, has created. With a Carbon Kevlar top & bottom, plus Nanocarbon running surface...The board is guaranteed to be light. Otherwise, the materials make the board extremely expensive. Price tag: 11,500 Czech Koruny.

I had a chance to chat with Sigve about the board's previous version in September 2007. Here's what he said: "I am happy with it for sure. Its a 100 % carbon board so its super light. And (it has a) 13 in radius (sidecut) on the heelside and 9 in (sidcut on) the front." Like all good kitesnowboards / snowkite-boards, this is a true twin-tip with a 50/50 foot balance. It is 158cm long and is full of skulls---pretty sinister.

If you don't know who Sigve Botnen is, he's one of the riders in's Entropy and Something Stronger films... plus he's a freestyle snowkite champ and Ozone team rider. Sigve pioneered newschool, wakestyle snowkiting alongside Remi Meum, but he's also known for sky-high boosts and flights. He was recently featured in "How to Snowkite,"'s latest movie.

Learn more about the Sigve Pro Model kitesnowboard by clicking here.