Ozone Flow Foil Kite

13 Nov 2008

Ozone Flow Foil KiteOzone Flow Foil Kite


  • Mesh-Covered Leading Edge; Prevents debris from entering the kite, plus adds strength.
  • Auto-Stable Curvature
  • Internal Diagonal Rib Structure; Prevents drag distortion, plus adds strength.
  • Wingtip Dirt-Outs
  • Material; 40D Ripstop Nylon Fabric & Dyneema Control Lines
  • Composit Control Bar; 54 CM.
  • Magatron Chickenloop
  • Brake Lines


The new Flow fixed-bridal kite bridges the gap between trainer kite & sheetable-foil snowkites.  In Ozone's lineup, the Flow sits between the Imp and the Access.

For more information, visit: http://www.flyozone.com/landkites/en/products/fix-bridle-line-kites/flow/