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Looking to buy used Ozone Frenzy 12m or 13m
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Author:  eligrinfeld [ Thu Jan 22, 2015 8:13 am ]
Post subject:  Looking to buy used Ozone Frenzy 12m or 13m

Hey people. I am looking to buy an older (2008-12) Ozone Frenzy for those light wind days we have so often in Colorado. I am looking to spend no more than $500 for a complete package.
If anyone has anything that they would like to get rid off, please respond.

Author:  Matt V [ Mon Jan 26, 2015 11:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking to buy used Ozone Frenzy 12m or 13m

I got a chance to fly the new Frenzy's as one of our local kiters purchased a new 2015 12m this year. Pretty sweet kite and I love the new innovation of the internal 5th line. It really works and seems to not be a hassle at all. If you get one, definetly make sure you have it powered up a bit or it has problems turning on the edge of the window. Trimmed right, it is as grunty a kite as I have ever flown. If you are a snowboarder, the new push away release is a must over the older "Megatron" (pull toward) release. I think the new release is harder to load than other manufacturers but it does get the job done. The old CL would release on contact with the ground or hard snow crust when you get pulled forward onto your face.

You should also consider the HQ Montana's version 5 , 6 (both 12.5), and 7 (12m) are perfect open cell kites that I have never heard a single complaint on. The 12.5's used to be the only light wind kite I ever needed until I started using the Matrixx closed cell series. CL release is bomber though a bit clunky (wish they would not have changed from it on the Montana 8's). The new release on the HQ is not as clunky and I have not had any problems with it, but I still have not warmed up to it. Again, the older Montana's should definitely be considered.

Author:  eligrinfeld [ Mon Jan 26, 2015 1:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking to buy used Ozone Frenzy 12m or 13m

Thanks for the advice Matt. I will definitely look into it as well. To bad I haven't seen anyone use it yet to demo it.
I did have a chance to fly a Frenzy and own an Access in an 8m. The Access is my favorite kite now as a high wind kite. Very stable and eats gusts really well. But we get those conditions only a handful times a year where I ride and thus I thought 12m Frenzy will be a good kite for the most days.
If you know anyone who has one to sell, please let me know.

Author:  Matt V [ Mon Jan 26, 2015 4:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking to buy used Ozone Frenzy 12m or 13m

There is one 12m Montana 7 that I know of in Omaha that I am trying to talk a guy out of. Pretty valuable kite as it goes with the 14m really well for a 2 kite quiver at sane wind speeds. You still need a 6-7 to cover that rare stable high wind day.

The Montana 8's felt like they have much more stability but less snappiness to me. So if your 12m winds are still fluky, you could go that route too. There could be some of the Montana 8's up for sale as HQ has a 2 year product cycle and the 8's have been out for almost 2 years now.

I own 2 ozone "Access" (6&10) that used to seem like the most stable foil made to me. Not much fun, but good for getting you around and they even drop into terrain well. I think that the new Montana 8's are almost exactly as stable and a bit more fun.

For demo's, you should make it up to Bighorn Snowkite Summit next year. Rides have been provided out to the kite areas from the High Country Lodge and it is the best way to experience "Sled in" kiting without having to have a sled. Most everyone will lend out kites and there were lots of HQ's up there this year.

If you make it up to northern Wyoming or Montana or South Dakota, or Minnesota, or Nebraska, give me a call and you can fly almost anything I have.

(4 O to) Sixx ate Six - Nin 7 I 4

Author:  eligrinfeld [ Wed Jan 28, 2015 7:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking to buy used Ozone Frenzy 12m or 13m

Thanks Matt for the offer. I don't think I will get a chance to get up north this year. The Montana 8 sounds like a good kite. How is it on the low end? I love my 8m Access cause it can fly almost at 0 wind, but doesn't really pull until it gets in a 9-14 mph. How will 12m Montana do in bellow 9mph winds?

Author:  najatuw4646 [ Mon Oct 26, 2015 1:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking to buy used Ozone Frenzy 12m or 13m

The Access is my favorite kite now as a high wind kite.

Author:  Matt V [ Mon Oct 26, 2015 9:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking to buy used Ozone Frenzy 12m or 13m

Easy high wind kites seldom make good light wind kites but the technology/design is getting closer to making that happen.

Basically, a bit more advanced of a kite will have small quirks that can be exploited to give an impulse of power in light winds. Whereas in high winds, those quirks are looked at as something to be avoided so that you do not get YANKED!

If you make a kite that is good in high winds and has no discernible detrimental quirks, it will be perceived as a good high wind kite having a high level of control-ability.

If you make a good light wind kite, it will have some major quirks that allow you to make small changes in the wind speed into major changes in pull. You want to be yanked as hard as possible here. Bit dangerous if the wind suddenly comes up though.

Either one or the other. The Montana 8 is somewhere more on the side of the Access as it does not seem to have too many quirks that you can exploit.

The high point in the Montana series for a wide range of exploitable quirks was the Montana 5. Each evolution after that became more friendly to the user. But the kite did not completely cross into "beginner friendly" territory until the Montana 8. Can't wait to try a Montana 9

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