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Calling Out To Fellow Colorado Snowkiters...
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Author:  cheftom1 [ Thu Oct 06, 2011 6:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Calling Out To Fellow Colorado Snowkiters...

Hi there from a newbie to the sport. I just got my hands on a HQ Montana 6 9.5m foil and am working on improving my flight skills as my snowboarding skills are solid. I am posting this topic to see if there are any members on the site that 1) live in CO and 2) would be willing to meet up in this "pre-season" to fly on dry land and shout out some pointers on my technique. I am super stoked to get into this new sport and even if I just got some replies or PM's from fellow Colorado kiters on good riding locations out here I would be grateful. I envision that once my skills are up to par that kiting on the back side of Loveland Pass facing Abasin would be a good location, though most areas in CO look good to me to park and ride.



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