snowkiteLast year, released some spectacular newschool snowkite footage. Besides dropping jaws, it challenged freestyle snowkiters; learn some new tricks or get schooled. Fortunately, the crew at is willing to share some of their wisdom in a new instructional video. The 80-90 minute film is slated to be released early in 2008, giving Northern Hemisphere riders the chance to watch, learn, and apply their new knowledge on snow before the thaw.  Like other videos, the instructional film will be distributed through Side-Off Videos in North America and Freestyleworld in Europe. To drill-down to the facts, I interviewed videographer Morten Gjerstad:

Who is your audience?
Anyone who kites on snow or who is interested in getting started.

What skill level of riders will want this video?
Our main target is the beginner, but there will be segments of the video that cater to intermediate/advanced riders as well.

Who's 'The Guide' in the video? Multiple riders?
Sigve Botnen is the main guide in the video, but Bjørn Kaupang and Remi Meum also feature.

Where did you shoot the footage?
The footage was shot on the Hardangervidda plateau in Norway.

What types of kites are used? (Brands, styles, etc.)
Ozone kites and Nobile boards are used for the most part.

What's on the soundtrack?
This has yet to be decided, though you can expect something mellow/ambient that won’t drive you crazy.

Did you have any incredible revelations about snowkiting when filming this video?
Only that it’s the most fun you’ll ever have with your clothes on and that more people should get into it!

Will we see a preview on YouTube?
Yes, expect a preview in December. The video should be available in January 08.